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From: Steindl, David F RDML NSTC, N00
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 4:06 PM
Subject: RE: Congratulations shipmate!


Thank you for the update and all of the information on the JPJ Association. CONGRATULATIONS on taking the helm from John. You must be proud of the organization, it remains very active and there are so many wonderful people involved. 

My life has been very busy with work and family. After a two year Pentagon EA tour, I went to Millington for two years to serve as the head Surface detailer (PERS 41). I was picked up for Flag there and reported to NSTC Great Lakes in August of this year. It's been a whirl wind here learning the business and issues of training our new accessions. The portfolio at NSTC includes RTC Great Lakes, OTC Newport, all NROTC units and all JROTC units. Patti and my daughters are enjoying the Chicago area and have had a relatively seamless transition. I would expect to be here for at least two years and quite possibly three years. 

Great Lakes is a wonderful duty assignment and it's amazing to see the Recruit training as well as the A school training. There are Sailors everywhere. I can only imagine the scene you describe of the 20mm guns shooting electrically at Japanese planes. We have our centennial this 4th of July weekend and I expect there will be quite a few VIPs for the celebration. 

As for Tom Carney, he made Flag a year ahead of me and is currently at COMPACFLT as the N6/8. CAPT Roy Kitchener relieved me and is now the THIRD FLEET Chief of Staff. I hope to see him on the Flag list in a couple of years. 

Please let me know when you will be in the area. I look forward to connecting here at Great Lakes. Thanks for all you are doing for the JPJ Association.