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Late Summer 2002

Secretary’s Corner

Summer will soon be behind us and, with our thoughts turning to autumn with its cooler weather and different activities, the countdown for our reunion in Norfolk, 10-14 Oct. is in its final stages. Those who haven’t signed up as yet, we sincerely HOPE YOU’LL BE THERE!

In this issue:

This is the last newsletter before the Norfolk reunion. If you haven’t already signed up, please "give it another thought", and do your best to join your shipmates for a weekend of fun and camaraderie.

Best wishes to all,

P. Maytham

Reunion Update

Here are some reminders and information about the reunion:

Sun., Oct. 13 (Navy’s Official Birthday) –

Mon. Oct. 14Departure

If you haven’t signed up yet, for one reason or another, give it another thought -- DO IT NOW – BE THERE!!!

CO’s Column

USS John Paul Jones DDG-53

To the John Paul Jones Association:

As all of you wrap up your summers and gear up for another busy Fall, I’d like to pass on a quick update from USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53). Our summer has been extremely busy with the ship going through fourteen weeks of Basic Phase training and inspections. As usual, the crew has exceeded the expectations of all the trainers and inspectors. JPJ completed Cruise Missile Certification early in the Basic Phase, again validating our ability to deliver Tomahawk missiles anywhere, anytime. The Engineering Department just finished its biannual Engineering Underway Demonstration with an Above Average grade. This is the inspection that many of you know as OPPE. The Engineering Department has been doing a great job of keeping the plant peaked and tweaked. JPJ has two more weeks of inspections before we reach certification in all warfare areas.

The Combat Systems and Weapons Departments put on a great show earlier this summer in perfectly executing a Surface-to-Air Missile engagement against a supersonic, sea-skimming missile. This is the most difficult live-fire exercise that we do and JPJ outperformed all the other ships on the firing-line that day. We will be shooting two more Surface-to-Air Missiles later this summer.

During the Fall, JPJ will participate in Fleet Week in San Francisco. If any of you are in the area, we would love to host you onboard for a tour. We will then begin inport training and exercises with the Carl Vinson Battle Group. As far as future inspections are concerned, the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) will pay us a visit early next year. We continue to prep for this rigorous inspection.

I am disappointed that I will be unable to make the October reunion. I will of course remind the crew of the service of you who preceded us on JPJ. Thank you again for your service to our country and continuing support to those of us still in uniform.


CDR David F. Steindl, USN
Commanding Officer


Optional Tour Reply Form - (Fri., 11 Oct., to Williamsburg/Mariners’ Museum)

Name: ___________________________ Number of Persons _________

Cost: $35 per person

Payment: Cash or check (if by check, please make payable to the USS John Paul Jones Assn. - payment must be made before boarding the bus.)

Reply By: Please send your reply no later than Sep. 18, 2002 to:

Joe Good
3909 Regal Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


We learned only recently that shipmate Paul Lanza (DD-932) had a serious stroke earlier this year. He writes, "Although all is well, I’m curtailing all travel plans for now" – and, thus, won’t be able to join us for the reunion. Nor will he be able to exhibit his beautiful sea-chests at the annual USNI conference and exhibition in Virginia Beach the week prior to our reunion.

We wish you the very best, Paul, and hope to see you at the next JPJ reunion.

We commit thee to the sea …….

♠ Through shipmate George Grove, we learned of the death of CAPT James R. Gustin, USNR (Ret.) last Jan. 19th. Although not a JPJ Assn. member, CAPT Gustin served aboard the USS Paul Jones in the Asiatic Fleet following graduation from the Naval Academy in 1937. Five of the 13 Asiatic Fleet destroyers were sunk by the Japanese in the first three months of the war, but Paul Jones managed to survive, continuing to serve in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters throughout the war.

(Note: Interested shipmates can obtain a copy of the Official Navy History of the Paul Jones from Pete Maytham by calling 757-357-3785).

Seabag Items

New JPJ member, Kent Hoover (DD-932 1961-’62) tells a remarkable story of how he owes his entire career to the caring consideration of an unknown ET2 and the XO of the JPJ. Because of them, he went on to serve in the Polaris Fleet as a navigation ET, completing 9 years of navy service as ET1, instructing at Guided Missile School, Dam Neck, VA. He then worked for a succession of computer companies in Customer Service.

The XO of this wonderful story is none other than George Grove! Great story, great contribution, great shipmates!

With the help of Bill Hall, a number of "lost" shipmates from the early days of DD-932 have recently been "found", including two plankowners, Frank McDeVitt and George Knudsen, along with a "near" plankowner, Wally Bigler, who joined the ship in Jul. ’56, and Tom Miklos.


An average Marine doing an above-average job.


Each Sunday, The Orange Register recognizes a letter that eloquently expresses a viewpoint or engenders a debate on a topic of public interest. Today's winner is Ann Baker, a real-estate agent from Huntington Beach, who wrote in:.

"It was our normal Thursday morning business meeting at the office. Before the meeting we hung around the bagel table, as usual, with our coffee. He stood aside, looking a little shy and awkward and very young, a new face in a room full of extroverted salespeople. A clean-cut, sweet-faced kid. I went over to chat with him.

He said he was just back from Kabul, Afghanistan. A Marine. Our office had been supportive by sending letters to him and other troops, which he had posted on the American Embassy door in Kabul. He stood guard there for four months and was shot at daily. He had come to our office to thank us for our support, for all the letters during those scary times. I couldn't believe my ears. He wanted to thank us? We should be thanking him.

At the end of the sales meeting, he stepped quietly forward, looking for all the world 15 years old to me. This young Marine, this clean-faced boy, had no qualms stepping up to
the plate and dodging bullets so that I might enjoy the freedom to live my peaceful life in the land of the free. No matter the risk.

Suddenly the most stressful concerns of my life seemed as nothing. Somewhere, somehow, he had taken the words "honor, courage and commitment" into his very soul and laid his life on the line daily for all of us. And he came to thank us? For a few letters? I fought back the tears as he spoke so briefly and softly.

He walked forward to our manager and placed a precisely-folded American flag in his hands. It had flown over the Embassy. He said thanks again. You could hear a pin drop.

In a heartbeat, my disillusionment with young people today quickly vanished. In ordinary homes, in ordinary towns, kids like him are
growing up proud to be an American and willing to die for it. Wow. We'll frame the flag and put it in the lobby.

He only came to my office once, for just a few minutes. But I realize I rubbed shoulders with greatness in the flesh, and in the twinkling of an eye my life is forever changed. His name is Michael Mendez, a corporal in the USMC.

We are a great nation. We know because the makings of it walked into my office that day".

USS John Paul Jones Reunion 2002


Name Number Address

Terry AGNEW 2 Butler, MO

Ryan AGNEW 2 Butler, MO

Irvin BAILEY 1 Clarendon, PA

Ron BALL 2 Hillsborough, NJ

Vincent BARRESI 1 Virginia Beach, VA

John BJERKE 2 Marietta, GA

Mark BRINKMAN 2 Warren, RI

Robert BROWN 2 Dover, NH

Frederick BRYANT 2 Cincinatti, OH

Joseph BURNS 1 Grosse Point Park, MI

Robert CALANDRA 1 Maplewood, NJ

Mrs. Geri CENTER 1 Greer, SC

Nicholas COLELLA 2 Newton, MA

Jack DAMBAUGH 2 Sunset Beach, NC

Chuck DAVIS 2 Alexandria, VA

Floyd DEAN 2 Brentwood, TN

Harvey DIAMOND 1 Moriches, NY

John DOUGLAS 2 Galway, NY

Jim EFFLAND 2 Green Bay, WI

Ed ETTINGER 2 Mystic, CT

Bill GALLAGHER 2 Weston, MA

Benno GERSON 2 Virginia Beach, VA

Joe GOOD 2 Virginia Beach, VA

Bobby Joe GORE 2 Durham, NC

George GROVE 2 So. Rygate, VT

Bill HALL 2 Monkton, MD

CAPT Robt. HAYLER 2 Arlington, VA

Robbin HILDEBRAND 2 Ontario, CA

John KELLY 1 San Diego, CA

Richard KNAUL 2 Auburn, NY

Mrs. Raymond KOMOROWSKI 1 Falls Church, VA

George KNUDSEN 2 Flat Rock, NC

Albert LUNDGREN 2 Swansea, MA

George MALACKANICH 2 Aliquippa, PA

Walt MALONE 2 Virginia Beach, VA

CAPT Walter MALZAHN 2 Alexandria, VA

Pete MAYTHAM 1 Smithfield, VA

John McGONIGLE 2 Westbury, NY

John McKECHNIE 2 Cornado, CA

RADM Tom McNAMARA 2 San Diego, CA

Anthony MEIRING 2 Crawfordsville, IN

Kenneth MILLER 1 Laguna Niguel, CA

REV Richard MOORE 2 Hampton, VA

Jerry NEELAND 2 Wakeman, OH

CAPT Al OLSEN 2 Arlington, VA

Grady PEARSON 2 Palm Bay, FL

Mrs. Don RIGGS 1 Redondo Beach, CA

Don RIGGS, Jr. 2 Redondo Beach, CA

Ray SCHMIDT 2 Derby, NY

Patrick SCOLLARD 2 Garden City, NY

David SHERMAN 2 S. Yarmouth, MA

CAPT Walt SZCZYPINSKI 2 Fairfax Station, VA

Alan THIESE 2 Macon, GA

Charles TOWERS 2 ?, MA

Richard WAGAR 1 Medford, NJ

Donald WALL 2 Goodlettsville, TN

Jack WEBER 2 Pooler, GA

Douglas WEISER 2 Harrisburg, PA

Seth WILSON 2 Hampton, VA


Radisson Hotel Norfolk


USS John Paul Jones Association Reunion

October 10-14,2002

Accommodations and Features:

The Radisson Hotel Norfolk is located just minutes away from Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk Naval Base, Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin, MacArthur Center, Chrysler Museum, and much more!

Please complete the form below, and mail, fax, or phone in your reservation by Sept. 10, 2002

Radisson Hotel Norfolk
700 Monticello Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510
Tel: (757) 627-5555

Fax: (757) 533-9651


USS John Paul Jones Association Reunion October 10-14, 2002


(Last Name) (First Name)

_______________October 2002 _______________October 2002

(Arrival Date) (Departure Date)

_____________________________________ __________________________

(Street Address) (City/Town, State, ZIP)

Circle: • Single Rm.: $79 • Double Rm.: $89 • King • Double

• Non-Smoking • Smoking

Rates are honored three days before and three days after the event, subject to availability

Credit Card: ٱ Am. Express ٱ Visa ٱ MasterCard ٱ Diners Club

Reservations MUST be guaranteed by a deposit of one night’s room and tax, or credit card number.