Spring 2002 #2
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March 2002

This is a Special Issue of the JPJ Newsletter –

The USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 is nearing completion of a shipyard period, and will be returning to fleet operations soon.

Part of that process is to onload weapons and ammunition taken off before the ship went into the yard. This evolution is scheduled for early May at Seal Beach, near Long Beach.

In connection with the event, we received a few days ago the following message from LCDR Paul Schlise XO of the JPJ:

"JOHN PAUL JONES has begun preliminary planning for a Family Day/Guest Cruise from Seal Beach to San Diego on Friday, May 10th. I am writing to invite you and the JPJ Association to join us for a day at sea. We’re currently in the process of determining an estimated number of guests.

If any JPJ Assn. Member is interested in joining us, please let me know via e-mail, or U.S. mail.

More details to follow. Thanks and welcome aboard.

Very respectfully,

LCDR Paul Schlise"

Family Day/Guest Cruise Details -

Date: Friday, May 10th 2002(time to be advised – expect early AM)

Place: From Naval Weapons Depot, Seal Beach, Calif. to Naval Station San Diego.

Action: If you are interested and wish to participate, please complete and return the Passenger Information Sheet (see reverse side) to:

LT Villanueva
FPO, AP, 96669-1271

The Information Sheet MUST be received no later than 18 April 2002.

JPJ Reunion – Oct. 2002

More details about our reunion in Norfolk in October will be forthcoming in the JPJ Spring 2002 newsletter – due out in April.

To date, 60 shipmates and wives/guests have indicated they plan to be there. If you haven’t already "signed up", DO IT NOW, by letting Pete Maytham know:

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Smithfield, VA 23430
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