Current and former crew members of any of the ships named U.S.S. John Paul Jones (or variations thereof) or anyone else interested are welcome to join. Association membership dues are $20.00* and covers the period between reunions.

Membership privileges include private access to:

If you would like to join the U.S.S. John Paul Jones Association, please fill out all of the information requested below. Then you may either "Submit" the information by e-mail or print and snail-mail the form along with $20.00* (whatever the case, we need your twenty-bucks) dues to:

Doug Dirks, Treasurer
10600 NW 85th St
Kansas City MO 64153
573-529-7511 (Cell) or

* Members of the Armed Forces on Active Duty may join free of charge and widows of former association members remain on the rolls without charge.

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Middle Initial:
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Ship: DD-230
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