Final Exam
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One last class before graduation at the Naval Academy and the instructor gave out one final problem.  "Given one metal pole, two bags of cement, a selection of shovels, a wheel barrow, and any other tools you find necessary, one Chief, one Petty Officer and a collection of Seamen, describe the process you would take to erect the pole so that a flag hung from it can be seen from XX number of feet away. You have two hours. Begin."

The almost-Ensigns began to write with concentration. At the end of two hours the instructor called time and collected the papers. Quickly paging through them, he announced the grades.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there are some thorough and detailed responses here, but only one 'A'. I would like to read it to you."

"In order to erect the flag pole, I would do the following: Say 'Chief, put up the flagpole!'"

--Author unknown