Travel the seas again...

Your choice, as you relive the memories of the sea by joining the USS John Paul Jones e-group on Google Groups or Facebook.  Joining is quick and easy. 

There are 2 ways in which you can become a member of e-group:

  1. E-mail one of the following:
    1. Don @-----mrgto33@comcast.net
    2. Don @-----president@ussjohnpauljones.org

  2. Go to the home page of the e-group on the link below to request membership.

USS John Paul Jones e-group on Google Groups

Times are changing. Our goal is to reach the younger shipmates, specifically our DDG 53 and DDG 32 shipmates.

The USS John Paul Jones Association is now on Facebook at:

This group is open to anyone who wishes to join. You must set up a Facebook account to be a part of the group. Make sure you check all your security setting when you join. You can be as private as you want.  Also remember, Facebook is a public forum. 

The DDG-53 also has a couple of pages on Facebook: