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Today [June 2, 2007] I received a call from the owner of the JOHN PAUL JONES House in FREDERICKSBURG, VA. This house is where JPJ lived in his early days in the Colony.  The present owner is going to put it up for sale for $800,000 if no realtor is involved.  This property (I have been in it) is located at 501 CAROLINE St. and is across the street from the Fredericksburg train station. What a great spot for a coffee shop or JPJ museum.  Today [the owner] sells his own manufactured colonial lamps etc. and is going out of business - retiring.  [He] is offering it to us because he knows me and says he wears our JPJ hat, which I gave to him.

[The owner] does not have an e-mail and he is "low key" at this point. "In a year I'll put it up for sale if I don't hear anything", he said.

Interested parties should address inquiries to

Any thoughts?

John McKechnie

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